Hi Geert,

I tried to update the R package to include the libpng dependency, if you like to test it ...


Do you know if cairo is really needed? If I can I would omit to have a dependency on cairo :)


Hi all,

I installed to package_r_2.11 and r_3x from the devteam to use as tool dependency. All installation goes fine, but when I run my tool I get the following error:

Error in png(file = "../Plots/outname.png", bg = "white", width = 480,  :
  X11 is not available

The tool uses the installed R : /galaxy/galaxy_tool_binaries/R/2.11.0/devteam/package_r_2_11_0/8d0a55bf7aaf/lib/R/bin/R

If I force the tool to use the system installed version of R, it works fine. Are there packages available in the toolsheds that allow the 'png' function to work? I already tried the R-packages from boris, but they gave compilation errors... I also tried to install the R-png package from cran as a galaxy dependency, but that didn't help either.

Thanks for the help,


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