Hi all,

      LWR sounds very attractive and promising. However how to program on 
galaxy side to utilize LWR server is not thoroughly documented. I have several 
questions to ask:

1.       I separate the tool wrappers (.xml) and the applications (.pl, .py 
etc) in two different folders. In the traditional way it works fine. When I use 
the legacy way of using LWR (adding galaxy:tool_runners section in the 
universal_wsgi.ini file), the error message says that the application cannot be 
found. Does the executable have to be in the same folder with the wrapper?

2.       In the thread 
 John only mentioned $GALAXY_ROOT/databases/files, does this mean that the 
dynamic multiple output is not supported as it uses $GALAXY_ROOT/databases/tmp 

3.       What types of files are supposed to be stored under tools directory 
(tool_files), working directory (working), inputs (inputs), configs directory 
(configs), all of which are subfolders of 

4.       Is there file size limit on the LWR server?

Best regards!
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