I am trying to visualize a large genome (Large number of scaffolds) and a large (bam file) in trackster on our local galaxy instance (running release_2014.02.10).
When ever I try to do the above I see the following error in the logs:

File "bbi_file.pyx", line 215, in bx.bbi.bbi_file.BBIFile.query (lib/bx/bbi/bbi_file.c:5596) File "bbi_file.pyx", line 222, in bx.bbi.bbi_file.BBIFile.query (lib/bx/bbi/bbi_file.c:5210) File "bbi_file.pyx", line 183, in bx.bbi.bbi_file.BBIFile.summarize (lib/bx/bbi/bbi_file.c:4475) File "bbi_file.pyx", line 248, in bx.bbi.bbi_file.BBIFile._get_chrom_id_and_size (lib/bx/bbi/bbi_file.c:5656) File "bpt_file.pyx", line 76, in bx.bbi.bpt_file.BPTFile.find (lib/bx/bbi/bpt_file.c:1388) File "bpt_file.pyx", line 55, in bx.bbi.bpt_file.BPTFile.r_find (lib/bx/bbi/bpt_file.c:1154)
AttributeError: 'BinaryFileReader' object has no attribute 'read_bits64'

Trackster works OK when I load smaller data sets.

It seems that there was a fix for this in bx-python code, as per mail from Jeremy (http://dev.list.galaxyproject.org/trackster-error-for-viewing-rat-data-rn5-tp4662664p4662672.html).
How do I get the fixed code into my galaxy instance?


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