Hi all,

We have a local install of Galaxy that we use for testing for our
bioinformatics courses. I am creating some new tool interfaces for the
install. I want to create a tool that will allow a user to automatically
add a fasta database to the "built-in" databases (without needing to reboot
the server). Is this possible?

Along with that issue is that the number of databases for this tool can
number in the thousands. Is there a way to easily search the built-in
databases for the database you are looking for, and then use that database
in a tool? Right now, it is an enormous drop down list which is really
annoying and unwieldy.

Finally, these tools can take multiple input files, but I really don't like
the way galaxy handles that where you have to continually click on "Add
another file". Is there a method or work-around in galaxy where you can
have a multi-file select?

- Nik.

Nikhil Joshi
Bioinformatics Analyst/Programmer
UC Davis Bioinformatics Core
najoshi -at- ucdavis -dot- edu
530.752.2698 (w)
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