Il 2014-04-09 22:18 John Marmaduke Eppley ha scritto:
As far as I can figure out, the parameter map for running a workflow
via the API is supposed to look like this:

{'blastn': {'param': 'evalue', 'value': '1e-06’}}

This doesn’t seem to allow for multiple parameters to a single tool.
Is there a way to submit multiple parameters that I’m missing? For

{'blastn': {'param': 'evalue', 'value': '1e-06’, 'param':
‘identity_cutoff’, ‘value’: ’70’}}

…will not work. The dict() container doesn’t allow duplicate keys,
it just overwrites the values.

Hi John,
you are using the old and deprecated syntax, you can use instead:

{'blastn': {'evalue': '1e-06', 'identity_cutoff': 70}}

For more details look at _update_step_parameters() function documentation:

Or look at this complete example:

Moreover, you may consider using the more high-level bioblend API:

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