Hi everyone

       I followed the instruction at 
https://wiki.galaxyproject.org/Admin/UserAccounts to add email verification.  I 
am using GMAIL SMTP server to send out the verification emails. Everything 
seems fine. If using one of the banned email, an error is there. After 
register, a verification email is successfully sent out and the page does say 
that without verification, no job and upload can be done. However when I tried, 
I CAN upload files and run jobs. The grace period is set to be 0. From the 
comment, I assume that there is no grace period at all which means no user 
activity can be carried out. Could anyone point out what I have done wrongly?

       The by-product of above test is that I need to delete the user I created 
for test. I searched the dev mail list. The most recent one concerning this is 
the one sent by Nate in Nov 2011. I just could not find the py file he 
mentioned, probably that email is too old. I have done a grep search for 
"operations.append" and "item.deleted" and found two files requests_admin.py 
and requests.py under lib/galaxy/webapps/galaxy/controllers/. But they are not 
commented which means that I cannot uncomment them to make "delete user" 
function available in the UI as Nate suggested. Any guidance?

Best regards!
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