I hope this is the correct place to submit this problem. I'm using Galaxy
main and there appears to be an error in the calculation of the disk space
I'm using.

I was using 7% of the allowed 250GB and then ran a series of jobs that
produced files of ~200GB each. I deleted all of those jobs (most of which
hadn't started execution), and then went back and deleted each one
permanently, and my usage went back down to 7%. I requested a few jobs
which should have produced smaller files, and they paused straight after
starting. When I checked back, I was suddenly apparently using 597GB of
disk space despite the size on disk of each of my histories adding up to
<25GB. I've permanently deleted everything created since the initial
problems and still my usage is recorded as 597GB. On Trello, there's a bug
report that currently running jobs in deleted histories don't stop
execution. Possibly my problem is due to the same bug, despite all the
tasks being purged and not recoverable.

I cannot do anything on Galaxy until my recorded disk space usage dips back
under 100%. Can anyone help?

Many thanks,
Jessica Gaunt
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