Hi Amit,

You may have solved this already, but if not, there are (at least) two good options, with the second better if your data is already on the same computer that you have Galaxy running. A file 2G or over will never load through the browser - this same rule applies to a local and the public Main site (and anywhere else that I am aware of).

Start by setting with a basic 'production' configuration

1 - Enable FTP as described in the link above

2 - Load the data into a library through one of these options

I am going to post this to the galaxy-dev list to help others that may have the same question. Next time, for the speediest reply, post directly here with local admin questions. You'll benefit from replies from our team and the community (super helpful!).


Galaxy team

Dear Jennifer,

I installed galaxy locally on my linux machine including the tool shed, but the file upload keeps showing the "uploading" status forever for big datasets ( for example CAGE reads > 6GB).

Could you please help in sorting out the problem ?

warm regards,

Jennifer Hillman-Jackson

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