I'll try to keep this short!  I'm wondering why on a fresh install of galaxy 
via a setup script into a python virtualenv, my custom toolshed tool's .loc 
files don't seem to be loading, i.e. the tool's tool_data_table_conf.xml file 
isn't loading.  All the other parts of the tool (and other toolshed tools) do 
run ok.  On the galaxy install where the tool was developed, it runs ok too, 
and I can't see any universe.wsgi.conf differences that would account for this 
though I'm sure the dev server has a number of other different config settings.

I thought I knew my way around this .loc stuff, but I'm flummoxed.  It is as 
though /usr/local/galaxy/test/galaxy-dist/tool-data/[toolshed domain etc 
etc]/00d397a381f8/tool_data_table_conf.xml isn't loading into Galaxy's tabular 
data list?!

The only other thing I can think of is that I stuffed the tool-data related loc 
files into a subfolder of the tool


But the resulting downloaded tool config in the galaxy-dist/tool-data/..... 
/blast_reporting_fields.loc and tool_data_table_conf.xml files seem just fine!!!


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