Dear all,

       I have a tool which generates dynamic number of mzid outputs depending 
on the number of selected files and tools ( = number of files * number of 
tools). The suggested methods to deal with this situation are 1) composite html 
which contains links to all outputs or 2) put output files in the 
$__new_file_path__  with some naming convention. Neither of these can specify 
the output type of the tool to the desired value "mzid", which makes it 
impossible to connect this tool to the downstream tool taking mzid as input. My 
solution to this is to limit to single file selection, then listing all 
possible mzid output files with filter elements. I am wondering whether there 
is better solution to solve this.

      Another question about workflow: if a tool A can generate two types of 
output: C and D, and another tool B can take type C, D and E as its input, it 
is fine to connect these two tools A and B in the workflow. However, if the 
types selected for input and output do not match (e.g. type C for tool A output 
and type D for tool B input or even type E), how to configure galaxy to spot 
this inconsistency?

Best regards!
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