I'm following "Managed Tool Dependencies" to the letter and still can't
get Galaxy to find the executable. Is this page
https://wiki.galaxyproject.org/Admin/Config/ToolDependencies up to date?
If yes, what am I doing wrong?

Any help greatly appreciated!

# universe_wsgi.ini
# I also tried the absolute path, it made no difference
tool_dependency_dir = tool_dependencies

# tool_dependencies is set like instructed:

$ ls tool_dependencies/hhsuite/
2.0.16/  default@
$ ls tool_dependencies/hhsuite/2.0.16/bin

ffindex_build* ffindex_get*   hhalign*       hhblits*       hhconsensus*
hhfilter*      hhmake*        hhsearch*

My tool:
<tool id="hhpred_hhblits_01" name="Create MSA from single fasta for
hhsearch" hidden="false" version="1.0.0" force_history_refresh="true">
        <requirement type="package">hhsuite</requirement>
        <description>Searches single fasta iteratively against hmm db to build a
        <command>hhblits -i $input_file -d $database -oa3m $outfile</command>

Galaxy throws Error: hhblits not found.

I've tried setting the PATH in the tool_dependencies/hhsuite/2.0.16/env.sh:
# configure PATH to hhsuite binaries
export PATH

still getting hhblits not found :-(
What am I doing wrong?


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