I am writing to inquire if there are considerations which would prevent 
creation of multiple instances of Galaxy by cloning a reference Galaxy 
installation containing a pre-configured set of tools and related assets.  Both 
the reference and cloned instances would reside in the same cluster, and are 
each built within dedicated virtual machines . A Docker based approach has yet 
to be attempted but the same question likely applies.
One issue that was observed in attempting this was that the Tool Shed populates 
the “shed_tool_data_table_conf.xml” file with absolute paths to the “.loc” 
files for tools installed via the Tool Shed (even though all path related 
variables are specified using relative paths in the respective configuration 
files).  Might there be other similar dependencies or constraints, including 
those in the database, that would disallow this clonable Galaxy installation 
model from being viable ? 
With regard to the Tool Shed updating files with absolute paths: Could the 
Toolshed be configured to use relative paths ? Else, would it be OK to update 
the "file path" variables within the instances created from the reference 
installation to reflect the instance-specific file paths ?
Thanks in advance.
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