Dear Galaxy Team,
         Recently I and my colleges installed the Galaxy in our server,here I 
have several questions in using process. First is about the parallel computing, 
  Galaxy itselef can process parallel computing by setting JobConfig, this is 
right? Second about the upload File Format, because our team intalled some new 
analysis functions to process the many '.CEL' in one folder based on the 
Galaxy, could you add ".CEL" upload?
Or can direct upload .ZIP file? I see the explaination in the webpage: " You 
can also upload compressed files, which will automatically be decompressed", 
but when I upload a .ZIP file,  Galaxy notices "ZIP file contained more than 
one file, only the first file was added to Galaxy." Could you add the function 
for uploading .ZIP file which contains some files? We plan to install some 
feature functions and workflows on Galaxy, and provide Chinese version analysis 
server based on Galaxy. Hope we can further collaborate in future. Looking 
forward to your reply.
Mingzhu Zhu
Assistant Researcher in  Institute of Basic Medical Sciences Chinese Academy of 
Medical Sciences

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