Hi I am running a work flow on data in a history with 54 input fastq files. 
About every other time I run Galaxy generates another history (unnamed) and 
sends a third to half the jobs to it. I am not clicking "send results to a new 
history" so I am not sure why this is happening. Any ideas? Is there something 
I should be looking for in galaxy's log file.
Thanks for any help,

Info from hg head.

changeset:   13753:d3b1f484c4b6
branch:      stable
tag:         tip
parent:      13751:deba1986ea22
parent:      13752:0af879ff3097
user:        Nate Coraor <n...@bx.psu.edu>
date:        Tue Jul 15 11:33:46 2014 -0400
summary:     Merged in dannon/galaxy-central-prmaker/stable (pull request #439)

changeset:   13709:5273e0bf9ae5
parent:      13707:15d426f19dcc
parent:      13708:8b6e1ffaa053
user:        Dannon Baker <dannonba...@me.com>
date:        Mon Jun 02 13:16:51 2014 -0400
summary:     merge next-stable

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