Earlier on in the project analysis I was pursuing a Git solution because it 
seemed all its features would work with documents/code/files of any kind and so 
would be perfect for scientific reproducibility.  But its ability to 
efficiently archive non-documents is quite hit and miss, and the file size 
limitation becomes a major problem on top of that when it doesn't.
I will try to design the system so that handlers for different types of 
databases/files can be called into play to retrieve versioned content.

Its just that this fall I'll only have time to provide the handlers for fasta 
file archiving (the key-value database update approach enables fasta versioning 
and all the spinoff data from that.).
The next priority would be a handler for any type of file that needs to be 
replaced as a whole from version to version (one just needs hard drive space to 
accommodate this, since caching is pointless).
A git handler for well-behaved document content would also be a possibility.

Typo: I said yesterday "I wasn't going to leave that as just "fasta" datatype 
since it seems tools like makeblastdb don't allow anything else ..." - but I 
meant 'I WAS going to leave that as just "fasta"...'

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