I am trying to move the package_r_3_0_3 repository owned by devteam from
the main toolshed to our local toolshed.
This does not work as some dependencies required for package_r_3_0_3 are
not exported (export capsule)  and not included in the archive.
For instance, package_freetype_2_5_2 and package_libpng_1_6_7 are present
in the capsule and thus moved to the local toolshed, but
not package_readline_6_2, package_cairo_1_12_14 and package_pixman_0_32_4.

Is it a bug (I would expect a sort of recursivity in the export process) or
did I miss some logics behind this ? And do we have to manually
export-import the missing dependencies to the local toolshed ?



Christophe Antoniewski

Drosophila Genetics and Epigenetics
Laboratoire de Biologie du Développement
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75252 Paris Cedex 05

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