Hello all

I'm experiencing problems with specifying some tests for a Galaxy tool I've written, which are related to setting the value of a 'conditional' parameter that is defined within a 'repeat' tag.

The bones of the tool XML look like:

    <repeat name="operations" title="..." min="1">
      <conditional name="operation">
        <param name="name" type="select" label="...">
<option selected="true" value="SLIDINGWINDOW">Sliding window trimming...</option>
          <!--further options snipped-->
        <when value="SLIDINGWINDOW">

When I run the functional tests I get:

base.twilltestcase: ERROR: In submit_form, continuing, but caught exception.
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "XXXXX/galaxy-dist/test/base/twilltestcase.py", line 1910, in submit_form
    for value in kwd[ control.name ]:
KeyError: 'operations_0|operation|name'

Is there a way to specify the the value in the tests? I've tried both

        <param name="operations_0.operation.name' value="..." />
        <param name="operations_0|operation|name' value="..." />

in my <test>s, but neither form seem to change the exception from the tests.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!


Peter Briggs peter.bri...@manchester.ac.uk
Bioinformatics Core Facility University of Manchester
B.1083 Michael Smith Bldg Tel: (0161) 2751482
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