Hi Dan,

I'd like to get the user's galaxy user name directly - but the  <code 
file="..."> that drives my dynamic_options select list has no access to any 
information in a galaxy's user session, right?  (Ultimately I'm trying to get 
the dynamic_options code to make galaxy api calls using the user's api key.)  I 
saw the GenomeSpace tool earlier - but got the impression that a user was 
entering their genome login in the tool form.  I was hoping just to get a 
user's galaxy id without any re-entry of it.

p.s. Its been really great getting advice from all of you; I hope to contribute 

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Disease Control
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From: Daniel Blankenberg [d...@bx.psu.edu]
Sent: Friday, October 10, 2014 8:08 AM
To: Dooley, Damion
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Subject: Re: [galaxy-dev] Tool development: Is it possible to pass a user's id 
in dynamic_options() parameter?

Hi Damion,

Text fields are not currently able to be populated by dynamic_options, but in a 
dynamic_options select list you could access the user’s username directly. If 
you want the user to be able to override it, you could have a conditionally 
used empty text box that your tool defaults to using when it is populated.

An example that you might want to look at could be the GenomeSpace Export tool 
(tools/genomespace/genomespace_exporter.*), which queries the GenomeSpace API 
to get a list of available folders for export for a specific user using 
attributes of the current user’s preferences (GenomeSpace username and token). 
It generates a drill_down type select parameter, but the same can be done for a 
standard select list.

Thanks for using Galaxy,

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