Thanks Chris, it's great to hear that Cloudman worked well for you!

There actually is a way to launch an instance providing a share-a-cluster
string in user data for a while, (a `share_string: <stuff>` entry in user
data) but there is, or was -- I need to test this again, a race condition
in the boot logic that would sometimes have the instance go belly up on

On Mon, Oct 13, 2014 at 10:02 AM, Chris Dagdigian <> wrote:

> Wanted to send Dannon & the list a quick note of thanks.
> Cloudman-managed Galaxy is pretty slick. I'm using it today to run 26
> individual Galaxy instances running on big c3.8xlarge AWS nodes for a
> training class.  Each of the 26 training systems is built from a shared
> cluster string config which means I can stand up tested systems that
> also contain a "hidden" history that students can access and refer to if
> they get stuck.
> We wanted to give each student their own individual Galaxy sandbox to
> play on and Cloudman made it very easy. Faster than custom configuring a
> personal AMI and using Chef/devOps tricks to clone and automate the
> deployment.
> All told it took me about 1.5 days to get my head around cloudman and
> make all the usual mistakes regarding breaking things, screwing things
> up and otherwise running through the learning curve. After that it took
> me about 1 day to load the master cluster image up with data, history
> and run through all of the lab exercises. After that it was about 2
> hours to share the cluster and start firing up the clones
> One thing that would help (and perhaps this is something that I missed
> in the documentation) would be the ability to pass in the shared cluster
> string as user-data at launch time. That would have let me fire up the
> training nodes with a single shell script. Instead I used a shell script
> to fire up the nodes but then I had to hit the cloudman URL on each node
> to punch in the shared-cluster URI string.
> Thanks again!
> Regards,
> Chris
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