Hi all,

I'm trying to set the dbkey of an output file from the value (text) of
a parameter.

The parameter I want to use is genome.

        <conditional name="bedgraph">
            <param name="check" type="select" label="Produce BedGraph
output" help="Can be displayed directly on UCSC browser. One file per
normalisation method." >
                <option value="no" selected="True">No</option>
                <option value="yes">Yes</option>
            <when value="yes">
                <param name="bed_file" type="data" format="bed"
label="Transcripts ins BED format" help="12 column BED file containing
trancript definitions." />
                <param name="genome" type="text" label="Genome Build"
help="E.g. hg19" />
                <param name="track_name" type="text" label="Track
Name" size="20" value="Track Name" />
            <when value="no" />

and this is how I've set the output:

         <data format="bedgraph" name="bedgraph_slograt"
label="${tool.name} on ${on_string}: Smoot Log2ratio (bedGraph)"
            <filter> bedgraph['check'] == 'yes' and slograt['check']
== 'yes' </filter>
            <action type="metadata" name="dbkey">
                <option type="from_param" name="bedgraph.genome"
param_attribute="value" />

When I run the tool the dbkey isn't set to the output file. Does
anyone know a workaround?

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