I'm following the guide on
https://wiki.galaxyproject.org/Admin/Tools/AddToolFromToolShedTutorial to
add a tool from the tool shed.

The tutorial uses 'bwa_base', but I don't see that.  So instead, I'm using
'bwa_mem'.  I choose 'Preview and Install', then 'Install to Galaxy'.  I
then select to have it installed in 'NGS: Mapping' tool panel, then click

The page then shows two tools:   bwa_mem, and package_bwa_0_7_7.  Both of
which show 'Error' as the status.  Clicking on 'bwa_mem' shows some
information with "This repository is not installed correctly (see the
Repository Installation Error below)...."

What does this mean?  And how do I fix it?
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