We created a plugin to display all history parameters in a single page and
generate a shell script from an history. It adds two inputs to the main
menu: "parameters" (for all users) and "debug" (for admins).

An admin can easily switch from an history to another without having to
impersonate a user. On the other hand, a standard user can view all its
histories / parameters on a single page.
The main goal is to help for debugging:
- the developer who created a wrapper can see what happens
- the admin can go to every histories and see why the user told him that
"it is not working"

The idea of the shell script is to get the script and replay it. However,
we still need the galaxy environment. This part is still in development
(adding GALAXY_SLOTS...). A nice evolution would be to get the input files
into a big compressed archive with this script, although it needs to
distinguish inputs file like "upload", "paste" from the others inputs
because of the size of the archive generated by such a script.

We started to code this plugin before the galaxy team add informations
about tools in an history (View details) and "impersonate a user", but we
still think that the plugin is usefull.

You can make your own opinion by testing it:

git clone https://github.com/remyd1/galaxy_debug_params

Install it with:
cd galaxy_debug_params
bash galaxy_plugin_installer.sh -d /path/to/galaxy-dist

Best regards,

Remy Dernat and Aurelien Bernard.
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