I've been trying to track down why I can't get anything from the toolshed
installed and finally have it figured out.

Whenever I tried to install anything I always got an Error with no
explanation of what the error was.  After enabling Debug messages into the
log file, I see the error is:

tool_shed.util.hg_util DEBUG 2014-12-22 14:47:48,910 Error cloning
repository: httpsconnection instance has no attribute '_set_hostport'

I googled around and found out this is a known bug/issue with older version
of Mercurial and was fixed in v3.

I added a line to hg_util.py to see where it picks up hg.  Its using
version 2.2.3.  Indeed, one of the eggs downloaded by Galaxy is

I have the newest version of mercurial installed in my site-packages folder
but I guess that's not what galaxy wants.  So my question is, how do I get
Galaxy to use the latest version of Mercurial?  And, Why did it download an
older version?
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