Hi all!
Maybe somebody faced with this problem:

1) in my wf used tool with:
"u'model_class': u'Conditional',
     u'type': u'conditional',
     u'name': u'reference_genome'}], "

2) when i run wf via web - all ok, and on a second step:
"Select a reference genome" is "test" (in view details)

But, when i run wf via api:

param = {u'mapper_easy' :{u'param': u'reference_genome|index', u'value':
nuser.workflows.run_workflow(workflow_id=wf_id, dataset_map=dataset_map,
params=param, history_id=hist_id)

wf started and on a second step is failed... In details:
"Select a reference genome" is "<galaxy.tools.parameters.basic.RuntimeValue
object at 0x7f5374266850>"

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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