Galaxy Devs,

I have a (semi) working data manager and I'm stuck on what exactly is
going wrong. Most of it appears to be working properly, the intended
file (pouya_test_motifs.bed.bgz) is being downloaded to the right
directory (/galaxy-dist/tool-data/motifs). However, the .loc file that
describes the data table isn't being set to the right place. It should
be going to (/galaxy-dist/tool-data/motif_databases.loc) but it ends
up in (./database/tmp/tmp-toolshed-gmfcrTJ8T4R/motif_databases.loc). I
think it's because /galaxy-dist/tool_data_conf.xml isn't being

In addition, I have been working off of the example data manager
data_manager_fetch_genome_all_fasta. What is the usage of
tool_data_table_conf.xml.sample? Does it get automatically merged with
tool_data_table_conf.xml in the galaxy root directory?

For reference, the tools is "region_motif_data_manager" in the
testtoolshed. Has anyone else run into this problem? Thanks!

Jeremy Liu
PO Box 207077
New Haven, CT 06520-7077
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