I’m setting up a ‘local’ Galaxy server in AWS and had a few questions that I 
can’t seem to answer.

1. Directory configuration in universe_wsgi.ini — I want to use an NFS from 
another server.  The purpose would be to deposit results there.  I may also 
want to point to another NFS server as a centralized reference / index file 
system.  I tried changing the path for the Indices setting and restarted 
Galaxy, but CloudMan is showing the file system as “error”.  Basically I am 
trying to wrap my head around the steps to re-pointing to NFS mounts (is it 
just change the paths in universe_wsgi.ini then restart everything?)

2. CloudMan AMI and fstab — I’m using the latest AMI Cloudman instance and it 
seems to have an issue with NFS configurations in the fstab.  I am not quite 
sure what is going on, the entry is correct.  I’m able to manually mount the 
filesystems as well so the paths are correct.  Is there something specific I 
need to change on that image?

Thanks in advance for any assistance!

Scott Jeschonek
Avere Systems
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