Enis, John and all;
I spotted ansible-cloudman on GitHub today which reminded me I've been
meaning to write about the approach we setup late last year to run bcbio
on AWS. It uses elasticluster (https://github.com/gc3-uzh-ch/elasticluster)
which has the advantage of being all Ansible scripts and bootstrapping
from standard images -- so no more making AMIs. It also uses SLURM
instead of SGE, which is a nice change.

We wrote an interface that automates all of the stuff you need to setup
on AWS: IAM users, VPCs and what not. It is a pretty streamlined process
from the command line, including specifying the cluster size and
stopping/starting it:


I also wrote up some benchmarking work using to give an idea of using
it in practice:


All of the code is here:


As always, happy to overlap/share with whatever y'all decide to
do. We could make bcbio specific stuff optional as needed, although it
is pretty lightweight -- just the driver scripts and a Docker image of
bcbio. It's basically a ready to use cluster with this little extra
added so hopefully could be useful for future plans with CloudMan.

Hope this is useful,
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