Retitling thread,

On Thu, Nov 6, 2014 at 11:08 AM, Peter Cock <> wrote:
> Thanks Dave,
> The good news is yes, the tests are running again on the
> Test Tool Shed (although not the main Tool Shed yet), and
> many of my tools now have successful test results from
> last night.
> e.g. My new basic mummer tool which now has a full set
> of dependency packages thanks to Bjoern:
> The bad news is there are many unexpected failures with:
> "Exception: History in error state."
> I'm sure you'll learn more once you look over the logs,
> Thank you,
> Peter

Right now the mummer example given above is passing,
but I am still getting this error on some of my tools, e.g.
tested 2015-01-25 11:21:12
tested 2015-01-25 10:52:03

(Many of my other tools are also currently listed with
different unexpected failures, some of which include
the "Exception: History in error state." traceback.)

Interestingly, I've just got what appears to be the same
exception from a TravisCI test run (following a trivial
change to README files):

e.g. (one of many similar failing tests in this log)
ERROR: test_tool_000000
BLAST top hit descriptions ( blastxml_to_top_descr ) > Test-1
Traceback (most recent call last):
line 268, in test_tool
    self.do_it( td )
line 37, in do_it
    stage_data_in_history( galaxy_interactor, testdef.test_data(),
test_history, shed_tool_id )
line 42, in stage_data_in_history
line 279, in wait
    while not self.__history_ready( history_id ):
line 297, in __history_ready
    return self._state_ready( state, error_msg="History in error state." )
line 356, in _state_ready
    raise Exception( error_msg )
Exception: History in error state.

I do not recall seeing this problem locally when using my
development instllation of galaxy-central.

The TravisCI failure suggests this could be a stochastic
resource contention (I can re-run the TravisCI build and
see if this works second time round?), which is more prone
to fail under the Tool Shed framework?

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