Helop aI've been testing (using planemo) some tools scheduled for toolshed 
publication.  My first test works, but Galaxy reports that the second one fails 

"Parameter %s requires a value, but has no legal values defined" % self.name
AssertionError: Parameter filter_column requires a value, but has no legal 
values defined
requests.packages.urllib3.connectionpool: DEBUG: "POST /api/tools HTTP/1.1" 500 

I presume its because of extra stuff needed to name variables have to be 
referred-to when they are inside a repeat section?  Or is it just something 
pecular to do with data_table_sources?

        <test><!-- Equivalent to output of old bccdc BLASTn XML to Tabular -->
                <param name="blastxml_file" value="blast_reporting_1.blastxml"/>
                <output name="tabular_file" file="blast_reporting_1a.tabular"/>
                <param name="out_format" value="std"/>
                <param name="column_labels" value="" />
                <param name="drop_redundant_hits" value="true"/>
                <param name="blastxml_file" value="blast_reporting_1.blastxml"/>
                <output name="tabular_file" file="blast_reporting_1b.tabular"/>
                <param name="out_format" value="std"/>
                <param name="column_labels" value="" />
                <param name="drop_redundant_hits" value="true"/>
                <param name="filter_column" value="pident"/>
                <param name="filter_comparison" value="gte"/>
                <param name="filter_value" value="97"/>

The form repeat area:

        <repeat name="filter_num" title="Numeric Filter" min="0" max="4">

                <param name="filter_column" type="select" label="Col">
                        <options from_data_table="blast_reporting_fields">
                                <filter type="static_value" value="numeric" 
column="type" />
                                <filter type="sort_by" column="name"/>
                <repeat name="constraint" title="Constraint" min="1" max="3">
                        <param name="filter_comparison" type="select" 
                                <option value="gte">&gt;= </option>
                                <option value="gt">&gt;</option>
                                <option value="lt">&lt; </option>
                                <option value="lte">&lt;= </option>
                                <option value="==">equal to </option>
                                <option value="!=">not equal to </option>
                        <param name="filter_value" type="text" value="" 
                                <validator type="regex" message="Please input a 

The working command section that sends the filter field info is:

        #for $i, $my_repeat in enumerate( $filter_num ) 
                #for $i, $my_repeat2 in enumerate( $my_repeat.constraint ) 
                        $my_repeat2.filter_comparison $my_repeat2.filter_value,
                #end for
        #end for 

Hsiao lab, BC Public Health Microbiology & Reference Laboratory, BC Centre for 
Disease Control
655 West 12th Avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia, V5Z 4R4 Canada
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