On Tue, Mar 3, 2015 at 5:32 PM, Dooley, Damion <damion.doo...@bccdc.ca> wrote:
> Ok, thanks Peter for the detailed feedback, change recommendations,
> and your work detailing all the NCBI Blast fields and quirks over time!
> The columns 25 and 26 stem from my predecessor's version of the
> code which predates blast 2.28 I think (he had to create sallseqdescr
> from scratch).

That makes sense. It was why I originally wrote this separate tool
which I guess shared similar motivation to your blast_reporting tool,

> I hadn't been paying any mind to how they fit in anywhere else in the
> last few years, but now that its being shared ... ! .  I'll take a close
> look at this, and nip the divergence in the bud so to speak - staying
> sync'd with your efforts is a plus.  I think the changes you mention
> will be fine for operations here.  (I'll have to see if sallseqdescr
> derived from XML hit titles is same as tabular salltitles).

Great :)

> Hmm, README.md is in github markdown variant so I'll see whats
> tripping up there.
> Thanks,
> Damion

I'm hoping http://commonmark.org gets sorted out soon and everyone
can switch over to that rather than competing markdown variants.

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