On Fri, Mar 13, 2015 at 3:31 PM, Carl Eberhard <carlfeberh...@gmail.com> wrote:
> In short:
>> Question: How can I "save" a static snapshot...?
> You can't yet.
>> Question: If so, can I then ...recreate the pie chart?
> No, not yet.
> Overall, these are features that we definitely want and we are working
> towards them. Questions remain for me, if I understand your original
> questions, about these two features.
> Re: saving a visualization to a history:
> What is the final use of the 'hardcopy' (png or pdf) of the visualization?
> In other words, is it for: publication or exposition, summary/overview info,
> a jumping off point for exploring the data, or something else?

In general I'm picturing the figure as one of several outputs from
a workflow - which could be intended as figures in a PDF paper.

In this specific example, the pie chart is essentially a visual summary
of a (crude) assembly contamination assessment.

I would be happy with a read-only static Pie Chart (as an easy to
download PNG/PDF).

If it remained an interactive image (from which I can still download
a PNG/PDF snapshot as now) that would be even more powerful,
but would not be a self-contained Galaxy dataset anymore.

> Isn't this an artifact (a view or byproduct) of the analysis and not
> actually a dataset itself?

I think from the way you are using the terms, I am thinking of a
saved visualisation as a Galaxy dataset in its own right.

> Do you want a static version or, if possible, easier access to a
> pre-configured interactive visualization?

A static image is fine. A pre-configured interactive visualization
would be good too - either as long it is an integral part of the
history/workflow, and would be shared along with it.

> Would a saved visualization (of the type you find under
> 'Visualizations->Saved Visualizations' menu) work in a png
> or pdf's place?

Possibly - how currently can the user save a visualization?

> In any event, I think more flexible conversion of visualizations to
> hardcopies is doable with some added backend technology like
> ImageMagick to render SVG to PNG, etc. If also wrapped in a
> tool, this would let us add these to the history.

That sounds good.

> Re: generating a visualization from a workflow:
> Would a saved visualization work here as well?

Yes, for me at least.

> I think the main problem here is translation of what may be a more complex
> visualization UI (to control the configuration) to something that can be
> more simply rendered in a workflow page (as tool configurations are now). At
> least some of the configuration could be handled this way, at any rate -
> things like Chart's chart type, and data columns, etc.

That's what I was hoping.

> There are ways to pass visualization configurations directly over the url,
> so this may be easier than I think too.
> These are good ideas. Thanks, Peter.

No problem - I'm glad to know the team are already working
towards this kind of functionality, even if we're not there yet.


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