Thanks John for your comments & insights (and Marten on Twitter).

I've written, rewritten and culled large chunks of this email.
In short, its very complicated, isn't it?


(more below)

On Tue, Apr 7, 2015 at 8:17 PM, Eric Rasche <> wrote:
> I'd +1 to separating out workflows, if the tools are already available the
> process shouldn't require an admin to install them (not when you can
> download/upload manually). Should definitely have some separation
> there...unfortunately all of my ideas consist of me putting aside other work
> projects for a month to work on toolshed stuff. It's, likewise, no secret
> that I desperately want to overhaul it.

Yes. I agree with this too Eric.

One problem is the rather than being system-level entities like
Galaxy tools and their dependencies, workflows are currently
user-level (with a sharing system on top). This means an extra
hurdle in the installation when approached from the current
administrators Tool Shed view point - which user(s) get to use
the new workflow, e.g.

The good news is that *provided* all the dependencies are
installed, an end user can easily import my example workflow
in just a few steps via a local copy of the *.ga file, or just the
GitHub raw URL:

I've been thinking about the benefits of a ToolShed style
repository_dependencies.xml file versus extracting the
dependencies directly from the *.ga file itself:

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