Dear Developers,

We manage a Galaxy instance at Institut Pasteur where there are more than a 
hundred users. Among them there are postdocs that are meant to
leave the institute.

Our Galaxy instance is configured with LDAP authentication. The LDAP entry is 
suppressed shortly after the end of contracts.

We are facing the following problem:

A user left a few month ago,
    1/ before leaving, she shared interesting histories with another colleague 
of the lab.

    2/ before leaving, the colleague created a copy of every shared history in 
her own Galaxy account.

    3/ The colleague made a few tests to check that the data were really 
transfered, by displaying them or downloading them and everything was ok.

    4/ The time passed and the ldap user account of the user who left was 
suppressed. We deleted then purged her Galaxy account.

    5/ The colleague has tried to relaunch some analysis using the copied 
histories. The data are there as her colleague is able to download the files or 
display them, but the jobs haven't been launched. They have remained grey in 
the copied history.

The problem is that there are no logs at all on the galaxy side. No command 
line is generated either.

On the reporting side of Galaxy, we see that the jobs have been created but their 
status remains "NEW'

We know that this will be a recurrent problem if we can't resolve it.

Have someone already complained about something like that?

Best regards,

Olivia Doppelt-Azeroual, PhD
Fabien Mareuil, PhD

Bioinformatics Engineer
Galaxy Team - CIB/C3BI
Institut Pasteur, Paris

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