Hi All,

I am relatively new to galaxy and recently had to take over the work on several tools.
After the last galaxy update, one of them stopped working.

Old working code:

       <repeat name="pref" title="Select column name preference">
<param name="columntype" type="select" label="Column name" refresh_on_change="true" dynamic_options='filter_column2(library_file, col_type, polarity)' />

This worked perfectly, but now, the select shows me "no options available"
When i move the param-tag out of the repeat block, it works again.
Also, when i put this param within a conditional like:

      <conditional name="col_pref">
<param name="apply_select" type="boolean" checked="false" label="Select column name preference?" />
          <when value="true">
<param name="columntype" type="select" label="Column name" refresh_on_change="true"
          <when value="false">
            <param name="model" type="hidden" value="False" />

the dynamic_options also does not work.
I found a trello -bug report: https://trello.com/c/UJKGsWSu/2469-dynamic-options-in-select-fields-do-not-work-in-repeats
This seems to be my problem too.

Can someone confirm for me that it is not possible to use the dynamic_options from within a repeat or conditional block, or am i missing something? Otherwise i have to come up with some sort of workaround.

Thank you,

Linda Bakker

Linda Bakker
Bioinformatics Research Assistant
Plant Research International, Wageningen UR
Building 107 (Radix), room W1.Fa.054
Droevendaalsesteeg 1, 6708 PB, Wageningen, The Netherlands
tel: +31-317-480756
email: linda.bak...@wur.nl

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