We have our own local instance of Galaxy from the 15.03.2 release. I have
developed a tool that works perfectly well normally but cannot get it
integrated into a workflow as we would like.

My tool's input form has 3 select menus that use a .loc file (using
“from_file” in the options tag) to dynamically load the select options
depending on the selected option in the previous field .

The problem we see in the workflows happens in the following manner:

For the choice of input1 (A or B), there should be a subsequent menu with
options for input2 (1,2,3 or 4,5,6 respectively). The select menu input1 is
automatically populated with A as this is the first option in the file, and
thus the second menu is automatically populated with 1, 2, and 3. However,
when you try to select B as input1 the following message is shown:

An invalid option was selected for input2, u’1, please verify.

The select menu for input1 is then immediately reverted back to A. I can
never select B.

Is there a way to get the dynamically loaded select menus to work in

Many thanks.

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