*The May 2015 Galaxy Release is out!*

Release Notes v 15.05

Release Highlights


   *Authentication Plugins* - Galaxy now has native support for LDAP and
   Active Directory via a new community developed authentication plugin system.

   *Tool Sections* - Tool parameters may now be groupped into collapsable

   *Collection Creators* - New widgets have been added that allow much more
   flexibility when creating simple dataset pair and list collections.

   And *much more

The release notes have a new home at Read the Docs
<http://galaxy.readthedocs.org/en/master/releases/15.05_announce.html>. We
hope that you like the new format as much as we do! *Thanks for using
Galaxy! *
The Galaxy Team <https://wiki.galaxyproject.org/GalaxyTeam>


Registration for the 2015 Galaxy Community Conference is OPEN!

*Love* *Galaxy*? We are inviting Galaxy power end-users as well as
scientists and bioinformatics support researchers to *join us for the
inaugural* *Galaxy Data Wrangling Hackathon* preceding the 2015 Galaxy
Community Conference conference this July.
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