I figured out that only jobs that used one of the files could not run.
They wanted a tabular file, which I uploaded before as "txt" and
changed then to "tabular".
It gave the message that some metadata could not be determined.
Auto-detection somehow just worked now when I tried it the 3rd time.

It would be good to be able to see some information about a reason
why a job can not be executed and is waiting.
Is that somewhere implemented?


2015-06-10 16:19 GMT-05:00 Alexander Vowinkel <vowinkel.alexan...@gmail.com>

> Hi list-members,
> I have a Cloud Man instance on amazon.
> I did minimal adaption (installing some tools, adding an index)
> I'm currently running only a master, which is allowed to run jobs.
> I have now 3 jobs saying: "This job is waiting to run"
> But in the CloudMan console it says:
> "Worker status: Idle: 0 Available: 0 Requested: 0"
> Also condor_q gives 0 jobs.
> Where is the problem?
> I already restarted the galaxy service via the admin console...
> Can someone help me to find whats going wrong?
> Thanks!
> Alexander
> PS: I'm running different job types (one is just "Add column")
> PPS: "Upload File" jobs are working
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