Hi All,

First time post, as a quick intro, I’m have some reasonable experience with EC2 
& AWS for developing our own pipelines, I’m comfortable in python and *nix 
flavours and I am developing a completely custom galaxy in AWS for members of 
the WTCMP, Glasgow.  In the meantime, I have thrown up a quick cloudman galaxy 
using the cloudstart and the cloudman 2.3 ami (ami-a7dbf6ce) in us-east-1.  
Auto–scaling didn’t seem to work so I’ve switched it off and added nodes 
manually, I tried various sizes including ‘same as master’ instances but they 
just don’t start – in the EC2 console I can see them and see them running.  But 
they’re constantly pending in the /cloud interface and in the log they reboot 4 
times and then terminate – apparently not responding "10:16:56 - Instance 
i-xxxxxx not responding after 4 reboots. Terminating instance".

It’s out of the box, I editted the universe_wsgi.ini… file to disallow user 
registration and allow me to impersonate users but didn’t change anything else. 
 The only other configuration I’ve done is associate an elastic IP with the 
master instance so I can have a more static url for a couple of test users (if 
I need to destroy it and start again, etc).

I’m new to the system so don’t know which logs are best to check…and am I 
missing something obvious?  It there a known bug when using elastic IPs? I’ve 
googled but with no joy.

Thanks for your help and best wishes,

Nick Dickens

Bioinformatics Team Leader
Wellcome Trust Centre for Molecular Parasitology
B6-21 SGDB
120 University Place
G12 8TA

Tel: +44 141 330 8282

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