Hi all - We are running a local instance of Galaxy on our internal
infrastructure.  It seems to be going well.

We've gotten to the point where we are ready to migrate our NGS data to
Amazon for storage in S3.  We are also looking at how Galaxy can be used in
Amazon.  Specifically, we are interested in understanding:

1)  Should we run an instance of Galaxy in Amazon, or continue to run it
locally (to minimize costs) but have it run analyses in Amazon?

2)  Regardless of how we run it, data will be stored in S3.  How will
Galaxy interact with S3 for its Data Libraries?

3)  Is it even possible to separate the Galaxy web interface from the HPC

3)  We understand Galaxy in Amazon uses CloudMan.  Can we run this in our
VPC with our own AMI?

If anyone can provide insights into how they are using Galaxy in Amazon, I
am very interested to hear your thoughts.

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