Hello Galaxy-dev,

I thank you so much for all the help you have given me.

I have a question about data set ids in galaxy. As a background, I am
running my own galaxy instance on a server. A pipeline implemented in the
lab produces the following files in the history:

1) 2 BAM files
2) A JSON file

My goal is to use this JSON file to pass the path/URL of bam files into a
custom JS we wrote for visualization purpose.

This JSON file contains among many other details the paths/URLs to the
above bam files. I am using JSON filetypes to send data to the JS
visualization within Galaxy. To do this, I have my own JS which loads a BAM
file from URL provided into an IGV.js track. IGV.js, which is responsible
for making the tracks, expects a valid URL which is updated in the JSON
file in this manner:

1) Extract the API_key and history id from a loaded BAM file
2) Edit the JSON file to reflect the BAM file's dataset id to be something
like this:

  "CLL-HL_pilot.r1.fastq": {
    "DNA": "/datasets/36ddb788a0f14eb3/display?to_ext=bam",

This works fine if I know the API Key for bam files. When a pipeline
executes dataset ids are generated for each output. I want to access and
include these ids in the JSON file and load the updated JSON file into the
history with the bams. Is there a way to get the ids from the history in
this manner?

Thank you,

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