The very-slightly-delayed July 2015 Galaxy Release is out!
Full release notes:

 * *Interactive Environments* - The interactive environments (IE) framework
features several updates this release and Galaxy is now distributed with a
new IE for RStudio implemented by Eric Rasche.
 * *Workflow Editor Enhancements*  - The workflow editor has been
significantly revamped - it now uses newer tool form components and allow
construction of workflows with tools explicitly producing output
 * *Policies for Committers and Pull Requests*  - The process for adding
committers to the project and fielding pull requests has been formalized
and documented in the source code. Three new committers have been added to
the project - Björn Grüning, Nicola Soranzo, and Eric Rasche.
*Thank you for using Galaxy! *
The Galaxy Team
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