Hi all,
  I'm trying to understand how to write a tool that generates a dataset
rather than a single output file.  I've tried following all of the examples
but I'm stuck, so I thought I would distil down the simplest example I
could write and ask for help here.

So here's my example:


it's a simple python script that writes three files to a directory named
for the single input parameter.

I think one of the problems I'm having is knowing where to write the output
to. I've run this under planemo serve and the job runs, creating the output
directory within the 'job_working_directory/000/1/SampleDataset' directory,
however my dataset doesn't contain anything so clearly my outputs directive
isn't working:

        <collection type="list" label="$job_name" name="output1">
            <discover_datasets pattern="__name_and_ext__"
directory="$job_name" />

($job_name is the name of the directory that is being written to,
SampleDataset in this case)

Any help in getting this example working would be appreciated.



Department of Computing, Macquarie University
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