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Greg Von Kuster

> On Oct 28, 2015, at 12:56 AM, 홍윤지 <yoong0...@gmail.com> wrote:
> hey, my name is yoong in korean student .
> i'd like to run the program name Mapsplice2, so i made a xml file, and submit 
> that
> this is my xml file..
> <tool id="mapsplice" name="Mapsplice" version="2.2.0">
>     <description>MapSplice2 Description</description>
>     <command interpreter="python">
>     /home/yoong/galaxy/tools/MapSplice-v2.1.9/mapsplice.py -o 
> $alignments.files_path -p 20 --qual-scale phred33 --bam --fusion -c 
> /home/yoong/1_reference/hg19 -x /home/yoong/1_reference/BowtieIndex -1 
> $input_reads_1 -2 $input_reads_2
>     </command>
>     <inputs>
>         <param format="fastq" name="input_reads_1" type="data" label="Source 
> file1"/>
>         <param format="fastq" name="input_reads_2" type="data" label="Source 
> file2"/>
>     </inputs>
>     <outputs>
>         <data format="bam" name="alignments" label="alignments.bam"/>
>         <data format="txt" name="deletions" label="deletions.txt"/>
>         <data format="txt" name="fusions_candidates" 
> label="fusions_candidates.txt"/>
>         <data format="txt" name="fusions_raw" label="fusions_raw"/>
>         <data format="txt" name="insertions" label="insertions.txt"/>
>         <data format="txt" name="junctions" label="junctions.txt"/>
>         <data format="txt" name="stats" label="stats.txt"/>
>     </outputs>
>     <help>
>         Help
>     </help>
> </tool>
> and, look at the report error, there is no special error... what's was the 
> problom..? Do I something wrong ?... 
> plz help me...!! Thank you ...

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