Hi all

I am due to give galaxy training tomorrow and the Galaxy server has gone down.  
Our galaxy admin is travelling and not responding and I appreciate a quick 
response to this issue.

When I run galaxy_restart.sh I get the following error in web0.pid:

migrate.versioning.repository DEBUG 2015-10-28 23:07:47,285 Config: 
{'db_settings': {'__name__': 'db_settings', 'required_dbs': '[]', 
'version_table': 'migrate_version', 'repository_id': 'Galaxy'}}


galaxy.model.migrate.check DEBUG 2015-10-28 23:07:47,296 psycopg2 egg 
successfully loaded for postgresql dialect

Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "/home/galaxy/galaxy-dist/lib/galaxy/webapps/galaxy/buildapp.py", line 
35, in app_factory

    app = UniverseApplication( global_conf = global_conf, **kwargs )

  File "/home/galaxy/galaxy-dist/lib/galaxy/app.py", line 52, in __init__

    create_or_verify_database( db_url, kwargs.get( 'global_conf', {} ).get( 
'__file__', None ), self.config.database_engine_options, app=self )

  File "/home/galaxy/galaxy-dist/lib/galaxy/model/migrate/check.py", line 104, 
in create_or_verify_database

    % ( db_schema.version, migrate_repository.versions.latest, config_arg ) )

Exception: Your database has version '124' but this code expects version '115'. 
 Please backup your database and then migrate the schema by running 'sh 
manage_db.sh upgrade'.


I did then try to do sh manage_db.sh downgrade 115 but I got this error:

Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "./scripts/manage_db.py", line 62, in <module>

    main( repository=repo, url=db_url )

 line 207, in main

    ret = command_func(**kwargs)

 line 202, in downgrade

    return _migrate(url, repository, version, upgrade=False, err=err, **opts)

  File "<string>", line 2, in _migrate

 line 159, in with_engine

    return f(*a, **kw)

 line 345, in _migrate

    changeset = schema.changeset(version)

 line 80, in changeset

    changeset = self.repository.changeset(database, start_ver, version)

 line 225, in changeset

    changes = [self.version(v).script(database, op) for v in versions]

 line 189, in version

    return self.versions.version(*p, **k)

 line 140, in version

    return self.versions[VerNum(vernum)]

KeyError: <VerNum(124)>

Any help asap will be greatly appreciated.


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