Hi all, happy new year !

I finally manage to connect my Galaxy instance with my NIS service for
external authentication but I have a few questions about it :
- when I log in with another external account I get the following warning :
"galaxy.web.framework.webapp WARNING 2016-01-05 11:52:24,741 User logged in
as 'us...@example.fr' externally, but has a cookie as 'us...@example.fr'
invalidating session".
I don't know if it's related to the Apache settings or to the browser. Is
it a problem or just a warning that I may ignore.

- a new history is created each time I log in. I have to go to Saved
History to get the last History I made. If I log multiple time, I get
multiple empty unnamed History. Is there a way to see the last history when
I open the session, or at least to get only one unnamed History ?
I saw this post
http://dev.list.galaxyproject.org/Unnamed-histories-td4655112.html. Has
this ticket been treated ? Or does anyone manage to find another solution ?

Thanks in advance,
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