Hi All,

I have a problem getting all the outputs in galaxy.

My xml config file looks like this:

<tool id="a5_miseq" name="A5 MiSeq" version="0.1.0">

  <description>assemble microbial fastQ to fatsA</description>

  <command interpreter="perl">a5_pipeline.pl ${file1} ${file2} ${output} </command>

    <param format="fastq" name="file1" type="data" label="Fastq Sequence files"/>
    <param format="fastq" name="file2" type="data" label="Fastq Sequence files"/>

<!—- Expected Results 
output.contigs.fasta  <!— This is a text file —>
output.contigs.qvl  <!— This is a text file —>
output.raw1.pe.sort.bam  <!— This is a text file —>
output.tmplibs <!— This is a text file —>
output.assembly_stats.csv  <!— This is a text file —>
output.contigs.fastq  <!— This is a text file —>
output.ec.fastq.gz   <!— This is a compressed file —>
output.raw1.pe.sort.bam.bai  <!— This is a text file —>
output.s1  <!— This is a directory —>
output.s2   <!— This is a directory —>
    <data format="fasta" name="output" label=“A5 output fastA"/>
    <data format="fastq" name="output" label=“A5 output fastQ”/>


I get the following error when running the tool:

../database/files/000/dataset_733.dat already exists and is not a directory.
Please specify a new file path for a base name after the library file or FastQ files.

Any ideas on how to get all the output or some output?


Amos Raphenya 
Bioinformatics Software Developer
Department of Biochemistry & Biomedical Sciences
McMaster University, MDCL 2317
p: (905) 525-9140 ext: 22787
a: 1280 Main St W.,Hamilton, Ontario, Canada L8S 4K1
skype: amos_raphenya

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