Hello all,

We're currently looking at changing our Galaxy setup to link user accounts
with Linux user accounts for better cluster integration (running jobs as the
actual user on SGE). As part of this, we've tried setting up a fresh
on a new VM which has thrown up some issues.

First of all, what is the status of the old set_metadata_externally setting?
This is described on the legacy documentation page as required under
"Submitting Jobs as the Real User",


Unfortunately, the same text is still present on the current page:


According to the GitHub search, set_metadata_externally no longer
exists in the code or default settings files:


I eventually tracked this down to the following commit, first included in
Galaxy v13.06, back when the config file was universe_wsgi.ini rather
than config/galaxy.ini,


So, can we assume that metadata is now always set externally, and
should the wiki be updated accordingly?


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