Good evening,

Having wasted multiple hours it would be helpful to see in the documentation 
that only LOWERCASE is allowed for defining unique file extensions to link 
specific files output by one tool as a particular input to another tool.

<datatype extension="LOWER CASE ONLY-prog1_output" 
type="" sub display_in_upload="True"/>

outgoing  tool's xml  
<datatype format="LOWER CASE ONLY-prog1_output"  name="output1" label="xxxx"/>

Accepting tool's xml  

<datatype format="LOWER CASE ONLY-prog1_output" type="data"  name="input1" 
label="xxxx" />

It would be great to know up-front the format can only be LOWER CASE -- no 
error message, no ignoring upper or lower and treating the same.   Just failure 
when trying to run it.

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