Hi there

I see from the PR landing in Galaxy and the comments on things like
issue #1701 (https://github.com/galaxyproject/galaxy/issues/1701) that
there's lots of work happening on the workflow side of Galaxy. This is an
area of interest at SANBI too, so we'd like to coordinate development
efforts as much as possible. To this end:

1) Are there forks to track so we can see what new code is landing?
2) Is there a roadmap for workflow work or perhaps can we have a Hangout to
talk about this?
3) Specifically in terms of workflows and parallelisation: are there any
plans to work on running workflows as opposed to just generating lots of
jobs? I know this is a major change to how Galaxy works - it would mean
something like submitting a workflow specification to a job runner that is
located on the cluster, and then returning the results of workflow
4) Currently parallelisation in Galaxy is supported using two mechanisms:
collections and dataset splitters/tasks. Are there plans on extending and
harmonising Galaxy's parallelisation capabilities?

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