Hi Tiago,

thanks for the heads-up. I also tried alpine some time ago but Galaxy
needs some external dependencies which Nate is building also with a ppa
for Debian based systems. So this is not so easy to migrate.

What we could do is to orchestrate the containers and its deps:


But this has the big disadvantages of not sharing the setup with other
Galaxy installations, like the VM installation from planemo-machine.

So in the end I stoped to make it more modular and tried to share as
much as possible with other installations of Galaxy and move more and
more into the ansible-playbook.

Thanks Tiago for trying this,

Am 23.02.2016 um 05:15 schrieb Tiago Antao:
> Dear all,
> This email is mostly to report a negative result, maybe to help others
> _not_ trying something.
> I researched the possibility of replacing ubuntu with alpine on the
> Docker images (alpine seems to be used more and more on docker images,
> with plenty of official containers now based on it and not on debian).
> The reason alpine is used, its because it generates very small
> containers (a bare bones one is below 10 MB). But, due the the large
> dependencies of galaxy, the gain is negligible. Maybe 200 MB or so. 20%
> is something, but not a revolution.
> This being said, for servers with smaller dependencies (a mail server,
> web, ldap, dns...) alpine really reduces the footprint of docker
> containers.
> Tiago
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